Welcome to Mechanical Glass

We make these stained glass sun catchers  in our home in Western Pennsylvania.  My husband and I know our site name might seem odd for hand made products - it's just that he used to be a mechanic and approaches this hobby as meticulously as a precision machine would - hence the name - Welcome!
This site is a collection of our work - both past and present.  Pieces which are available for sale can be found in our etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MechanicalGlass
We would be happy to make something especially for you too - use the contact form to let us know!
A collaboration of husband and wife
After 30 years of marriage, we decided that nothing could posibly add more to our relationship than cut fingers and broken glass! He's a retired mechanic and I'm a technical project manager.  During our 30+ years together, we've always shared a love of glass art, however when we saw a stained glass piece we liked, it seemed expensive.  So, we first learned to make these for ourselves.  We use the copper foil method of construction. The process is time consuming, tedious and, well.... it takes some patience - but then we became determined to keep getting better so we could make quality stained glass products to share with others at affordale prices. Now, after lots and lots of trial and error (mostly error), we have finally gotten the hang of it and want to share this collection of the sun catchers we have made by hand in our Pensylvania home over the past six years.

There are 6 distinct steps in our process.  He does 3 of them and he taught me how to do the 3 that he would rather not do (and, thankfully, I like to do them!)
The steps:
* Cut and glue the patterns to the different sheets of glass (me)
* Cut the glass sheets into pieces close to the patterns (him)
* Grind the glass to match each pattern piece exactly (him)
* Affix copper foil around the edges of each piece of glass (me)
* Solder the pieces all together to form one sun catcher (him)
* Patina the solder (me)

We hope you enjoy browsing through these collections.  I'll do my best to keep adding to these as we make new ones.  Although, you'll find the most current pieces available for sale on etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MechanicalGlass)

We also love suggestions!  Contact us to let us know if you'd like us to make something special for you or someone you know.  These make great gifts!

Thank You for looking!
Tim and Betsy Johnsen